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Who We Are

From Paternoster to Philadelphia or from Hotazel to Copenhagen, our family of animal loving caring experts will ensure that your pet travels safely and comfortably anywhere in the world. We take care of every aspect of your pet relocation for most kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to rabbits, hamsters and more. Partners Pet Relocation is a family owned business based in Simon’s Town, South Africa, that strives to make your pet’s travels stress and trouble free by working closely with you and our global partners. We pride ourselves on providing the very best attentive service and operational excellence that we can offer.

Company Background

Partners Pet Relocation is a full-service pet relocation company with national and international coverage through our partner offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, George and other RSA main centres. Our team will ensure that your pet travels safely and comfortably door to door within South Africa or worldwide.

Families rely on Partners Pet Relocation to manage every stage of a pet's move with caring, attentive service and operational excellence. We are a team of 6 full-time staff and family members, all animal lovers. Our family-run business was set up with animal welfare at the forefront of everything we do, and this remains the focus of our global business today. By choosing Partners you can rest assured that your pets will receive the best care to wherever in the world they are headed. We understand how difficult it is to be separated from your pet and we know how important it is to remain in constant communication with you, the pet owner. We love what we do and we understand how important your pets are to you.

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